Sundo is a Korean Taoist art of personal development, developed by forest mountain monks. Sundo origins date back several thousand years ago. It is relatively new in the Czech Republic, but its complexity has attracted more and more adepts. A complete Sundo session includes yoga stretching, breathing meditation, strengthening the center and strength of the body. Sundo will give you energy and peace. It is a good foundation for life and it is worth cultivating.

What happens during a Sundo session:

During a Sundo session, several stretching postures are hold, the spine gets many rotating exercises, each part of the body wakes up to life (hip mobility increases, ankles strengthen, spine flexibility increases , the strength of the center of the body increases significantly). During the static meditation, focused on the breathing, the mind has the opportunity to calm down, to focus on the respiration, and the body can focus on taking the right posture. The complexity of the exercises may surprise at first but eventually, it will be a delight.

„All things first form in the mind and then form in what we call reality.“

Chung San

“SunDo teaches (…) how to become ONE with NATURE” 

Master Kim

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