Morning sundo class in English TU

Morning training in Studio Arha

Sundo exercises are optimal when performed regularly. In our civilization, Sundo practitioners should train 3-4 times per week. It may seem a bit of a luxury to dedicate an hour and a half to a morning exercise. This may even seems unreal at certain stages of life. Young children, when caring for sick parents or just working early hours may not allow this flexibility.

Those who decide to exercise often mention that investing the time was worth it. They would then spend the day with better consciousness and more energy.

At the end of the day, it is our decision to make at our point in life, whether we are prepared to take the leap and start Sundo practises.

Chinese people say: "The great souls have the will, the little ones have only desires and wishes."

Price: 180 CZK / lesson, 1.500 CZK / 10 lessons or monthly subscription of 900 CZK

When: 6.50 – 8.20, ut

Where: studio Arha, V.P.Čkalova 26, Praha 6

You can join at any time. If you do not manage all the exercises, stay positive. Skip it and with time you will manage. The level of difficulty can be gradually increased. There is no need to have a certain physical condition to start.



He began Taichi training in 2000, becoming a personal disciple of Wee Kee-Jin, a follower of Huang Sheng-shyan's style. Through intensive training he earned the title of certified teacher of the Jin School “Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium”. He traveled to Europe with Jin as his assistant to workshops and camps. For the past six years, Paul has taught his own courses in various European countries. Since 2009, Paul has been travelling to Taiwan, where he has been taught by exceptional teachers, primarily in the hands of push hands, where he has been practicing with masters Jeng, Shen, Hsu, Zhou and Wu. Paul also studied with Master Kim (Bagua) and Sam Tama (Yiquan). In 2010, Paul founded his own school, The Taiji School.

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