Evening class - light sundo TU

Evening lessons with a more easy-going flavor for the preparatory and final exercises.

Price: 180 CZK / lesson, 1.500 CZK / 10 lessons or monthly subscription of 900 CZK

When: 19.10 – 20.40

Where: studio Arha, V.P.Čkalova 26, Praha 6

You can join at any time. If you do not manage all the exercises, stay positive. Skip it and with time you will manage. The level of difficulty can be gradually increased. There is no need to have a certain physical condition to start.

Training description

The morning Sundo session activates the body and gives us energy for a quality day. Evening sessions clear the energy and our mind. You could see it as part of our energy hygiene.

  • Stretching and refreshing the body will revive and release the stiffness accumulated during the day.
  • We adjust the postural setting of the body, relieve stress created by the daily tension and restore a good energy flow so that we can regenerate well during our sleep.
  • By concentrating on ourselves, our body and our breathing, the energy of the body is recentered and fine body systems can be tuned to work altogether.
  • Breathing meditation purifies our mind and energy.

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