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Paul Renall

Experience:Sundo od roku 2016, taichi od roku 2000
He began Taichi training in 2000, becoming a personal disciple of Wee Kee-Jin, a follower of Huang Sheng-shyan's style. Through intensive training he earned the title of certified teacher of the Jin School “Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium”. He traveled to Europe with Jin as his assistant to workshops and camps. For the past six years, Paul has taught his own courses in various European countries. Since 2009, Paul has been travelling to Taiwan, where he has been taught by exceptional teachers, primarily in the hands of push hands, where he has been practicing with masters Jeng, Shen, Hsu, Zhou and Wu. Paul also studied with Master Kim (Bagua) and Sam Tama (Yiquan). In 2010, Paul founded his own school, The Taiji School.
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